Flexi tank Container Transportation


Many types of liquid cargo are transported in different packing materials and then placed in containers. Flexi tanks are large plastic bags, enclosed in containers.

Otherwise, flexi tanks (flexi bags) are made of polyethylene and polypropylene and used for transportation and storage not dangerous liquid cargo in 20 foot containers in volume from 10 000 to 24 000 liters.

Flexi tank is a disposable packing material. It can be wrapped into a roll easily and sent for recycling. It is very important for some companies, especially who do not have their own warehouses.

Flexi tanks using has some profits, in particular, labor costs for loading are reduced. The container fits more liquid than the barrel. The flexi tank weight has only 0.7% per the liquid weight.

As a matter of fact, we can admit that flexi tank using is an economical and efficient way for transportation non-hazard liquids, including chemical liquids.

What can be transported in tank containers: